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Ho`ola Malamalama Physical Therapy offers a wide range of services covering a number of injuries and ailments. From post-operative treatments to lower back and sports injuries, contact us today to get started with a professional consultant.

Lower Back Program

We offer lower back programs for lumbar thoracic and cervical injuries, ergonomic and postural assessments and treatment plans, core strengthening and spinal stretching programs. Our clinic also houses the capacity to provide manual and modality pain control technology.

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Post-Operative Treatment

Specialized prehab programs prepare the patient for specific orthopedic surgical interventions. Our treatment plans include knee replacements, total hip and shoulder procedures, spinal fusions and discectomies, shoulder, knee and ankle repairs.

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Orthopedic and Sports Injuries

Our staff is trained in the treatment of impairments ranging from overuse injuries to acute traumatic injuries. Some of the diagnoses we are familiar with including fractures of most bones, bone bruises, muscle and tendon strains, tears and repairs, ligament sprains and repairs.

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Strength and Conditioning

While certified strength and conditioning specialty programs are available, we also provide general health and sports specific plans. Rehab for surgical and extended hospital stay deconditioning will be recommended as necessary; and we also offer structured nutrition recommendations.

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Health & Wellness

Ho`ola Malamalama tackles diabetic prevention and diabetic control treatment plans with health maintenance and stress control programs designed to optimize a healthy life style.

  • Balance Programs: simple to advance programs to improve balance and reduce risks of falls.
  • Diabetes: Education and assistance with developing exercise programs.
  • Obesity: Education and assistance with developing exercise programs.
  • Office Ergonomics: Office and desk evaluations performed on site and at the clinic.
  • Strength and Conditioning: Individualized and specialized strengthening and flexibility programs designed for specific needs.
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Balance and Fall Prevention

Fall injuries cost the US billions of dollars in direct medical bills, places burden of care to caregivers, there is a decline in quality of life and even, in some cases, death.  Many things can affect one’s balance and the needs for balance ranges dramatically throughout different demographics on the island.

Injuries from CVA/strokes, Parkinson’s disease and advanced age are just a few factors that can affect one’s balance.  At our clinic we have experience in simple sitting balance program to progressive standing balance program and advanced sports specific.

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